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Solar Energy is no longer a dream for the future. Now more than ever, advances in technology, changes in tax laws and new financial incentives have made solar energy a feasible, affordable answer to rising energy costs.

GreenLife Technologies, Inc. is committed to helping you save money, help the environment and become energy independent by designing, engineering, installing and servicing your Solar Energy System in a professional, timely and cost effective way.

We are a locally owned company, with our main focus on Solar installations in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Let our knowledge of local design and engineering requirements work for you!

GreenLife Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design, engineering, installation, and servicing of solar energy systems. We believe that solar energy is the best type of renewable energy system that can be installed today. Solar energy is the most widely available, renewable and environmentally friendly energy resource on Earth. Our solar energy systems can benefit you by saving money, helping the environment, and providing energy independence.

GreenLife uses your homes' existing wiring

Saving Money with Solar Electricity Systems - Read More

Solar energy systems create electricity which can be used by homes or businesses. GreenLife Technologies can design and install a residential or commercial solar energy system for you which can reduce or eliminate your energy bill. If incentives are available in your area, our electricity generating solar panel installations have short payback periods as well. Once the system is paid for, the electricity that is generated is free. If you install one of these systems, you will not have to worry about the cost of electricity going up in the future. Click here to learn more about the financial benefits of solar.

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GreenLife Technologies can provide a stable and renewable energy source, if you are in an area that does not have electricity service or if you have unreliable electricity service. We can design and install solar panel installations for off-grid systems which can provide power for lights, pumps, and even entire houses. Our grid-tie with battery backup systems can provide electricity when the utility grid goes down and help pay your electricity bill when the utility grid is working. Our portable battery systems can provide a clean quiet source of power for refrigerators, microwave ovens, computers or water pumps when the electric grid is down or they can provide power for worksite equipment or camping.

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Solar energy systems provide energy which are renewable and that do not pollute the air, land or water. There are no chemicals, which are emitted when the energy is being produced. There are no spills which must be cleaned up. They require no existing infrastructure, which must be purchased for the public good. No wars or negotiations have to be made with foreign countries over resources. The sun is available at your home or business site to be used for clean energy.

If you want to install solar technology in Texas or surrounding states, contact GreenLife Technologies, Inc. GreenLife Technologies is a National Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) installer. We are also a certified solar panel installer for the ONCOR, AEP, Entergy, Austin Energy and other solar energy incentive programs. We have engineers with over 20 years of experience and master electricians with over 40 years of experience on our staff. We have designed and installed grid-tie, grid-tie with battery backup and off-grid solar energy systems with solar panel installations on roofs, ground mounts, pole mounts, pole mounts with tracking and canopy mounted solar panel installations.

Solar Financial Incentives - Read More

  • Federal Tax Credits
    • The Federal government currently offers a 30% tax credit on the cost of solar energy systems. This tax credit is only guaranteed until 2019. Click here to find out more.
  • State and Local
    • Many utility incentive programs are based on system size, adding up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings. Contact us to find out how to reserve your cash payment.

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GreenLife can provide you a stable and renewable energy source on the road to energy independence. For more information, please browse our site, click here to email or call us at 1-903-539-3406.

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